Freezing For Freedom Constitutional Christmas Rally

Posted on 18-Dec-2020 19:02
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Shhhh! Don’t tell Kenney!!! Santa will be protesting with us at the Alberta Legislature, Capital Plaza, this SATURDAY @ 1PM. Bring the kids and a camera! All are welcome!! STAND FOR TRUTH, LIBERTY, and JUSTICE. END THE COVID INSANITY NOW!!!

Stand for the Charter, your constitutional rights and freedoms, stand for truth and for choice. Have you lost your job due to measures being forced on us? Has your business closed down? Are you on the verge of bankruptcy ? How has this impacted your children, parents and grandparents? Have you been denied medical care? Has it affected your education?

We want to hear your story, tell the government how it is infringing on your rights and the negative impact it has made or come listen to others who have stories to share, professionals who stand in truth exposing the lies and corruption. Own your constitutional rights, stand against tyranny.

Silence is no longer an option. We must stand and roar and be heard. Silence is apart of the problem, so be a part of the solution. Constitutional rights should never be sacrificed because once they are taken you will never get them back - the promises are empty and only given to create hope. “People will do anything if they are given hope said a doctor during a political meeting; he went further on to say especially when you carefully explain that it is saving lives. “ this is the psychology they are using to get them to beg for more of their rights to be taken away.

Please join us Dec.19, ,2020 at 1:30pm to exercise and defend your rights.

Home made signs, without group names, are ALWAYS WELCOME, ENCOURAGED, AND LOVED but no group signs allowed as we are just a bunch of individual patriots coming together to defend what already belongs to us.

Masks or no masks please come join us.

We will be located on the top path north of the Legislature building overlooking the wading pool/ fountains. See map

Speeches go until approx. 3pm We are peaceful, friendly - no

Address Alberta Legislature Grounds see map and description
Freezing For Freedom Constitutional Christmas Rally edmonton
Freezing For Freedom Constitutional Christmas Rally edmonton