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Posted on: 2017-01-17 19:46:59.0Classification: Services - legal
By-Your-Side Probate Services
As an Executor of a loved one's estate your fiduciary duties can become overwhelming. Team-up with By-Your-Side Probate Services, Alberta's #1 Probate Coach, we reduce your anxiety and save you significant time and money. NO NEED TO GO IT ALONE!!!! REQUEST A FREE EXECUTOR'S GUIDE FOR YOURSELF OF A FAMILY MEMBER. 1-403-293-5488 (outside of Calgary) 1-403-293-5488 (SMS)
Posted on: 2017-01-12 07:43:26.0Classification: Business - for rent
Circl is your all-in-one rental search, property listing and home maintenance platform for tenants, landlords and contractors. From the start of your rental search to the end of your lease, we are there 24/7 to ensure a smooth, easy rental process. Visit for more information
Posted on: 2017-01-05 16:59:02.0Classification: Community - pets
Caracals, Ocelot,cheetahs, Serval And F1 Savannah Kittens
Caracals, Ocelot,cheetahs, Serval And F1 Savannah Kittens We have tamed, vet checked, home raised and bottle fed Male And Female Caracals, Ocelots, Cheetahs, Servals and F1 Savannah kittens available. We offer top quality Cheetah , Serval and F1 Savannah kittens for sale, with sweet, loving temperaments & excellent health, guaranteed. They are TICA Registered, home raised and bred for quality, health, type and personality. Local delivery and shipping also available anywhere .
Posted on: 2016-12-22 19:38:20.0Classification: Services - creative
We construct e-commerce websites
We construct all our e-commerce websites with a marketing mindset. We build into the website internal marketing analytics such as Digital Coupons, affiliates, and much more. Upon purchase of an e-commerce website we will provide a free marketing consultation with our marketing specialist and then build a website which will reflect your individual marketing needs. For 1 month, we will post your ad on Kijiji, Amazon, eBay and Craigslist free of cost. Leveraging the global exposure and the 14 billion dollar classified market. Our built-in analytics to the website will tell you what's working and what's not working. Our marketing consultant will monitor this monthly and redesign your marketing strategy. Note: we charge no monthly retainer while others charge $300-400/month. For further details please visit