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Posted on 22-May-2019 18:58
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You Pick the Products you'd like to Win! I find the Companies that offer the best chance to get them. Entries into Contests/Draws/Giveaways are CONCENTRATED in 2 AREAS: -- Companies with IN-HOUSE-ONLY Draws/Contests. Not advertised = Limited Entrants = Improved Chances. -- Companies that place LOWEST on Internet-Site Tracking Platforms offer the greatest opportunity for success. These Companies have next to no On-Line Traffic. Exponentially increasing the odds in your favor. Every Entry is manually done and conforms with the Rules/Laws of the Contests/Countries Entered, Contest Only Email is created to handle the incoming mails and show real-time progress. 500 Product Specific Entries on your behalf $10.00 Entry Report upon completion(2wks).