Bursary On Culinary Arts Program At Commonwealth College

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Price $1500
Posted on 7-Jul-2020 7:19
Event on 7-Jul-2020
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I am Wayne Aastrom, the Head Chef at Commonwealth College, and I am excited to announce a $1,500.00 bursary for anyone with a passion for cooking who wishes to pursue a career in this fast-paced and exciting field.
I have enjoyed over 15 years as a professional chef and have had the opportunity to work in locations across Canada. I grew up around my grandparent's orchard and quickly became interested in growing, harvesting, preparing, and serving culinary delights.
I believe in sourcing locally grown produce, protein, and cheese from expert regional talent, and making as much “in-house” product as possible.
After spending 5 years as Head Chef at Canada’s Royal Winnipeg Ballet, I am thrilled to have joined the Commonwealth College team as lead instructor of the Culinary Arts program. Cooking has never been more popular and I look forward to sharing my experience with you and helping you fulfill your desire for a career in this exciting field.
Contact our admissions team today to take advantage of this limited-time bursary opportunity.

Address 294 William Ave First Floor
Bursary On Culinary Arts Program At Commonwealth College edmonton